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Diversify Your Marketing Strategy



People absorb information differently. It’s one of the biggest problems in the public school system because one teacher teaching 30+ kids in one way often leaves half the class feeling lost. It is the same with your marketing strategy. If all of your customers need to be marketed to in different ways, you won’t be able to reach half of them if you stick with one method. That means your business needs to focus on diversifying your marketing strategy. Here are some of the ways you can diversify.

Social Media

Nearly every business can be found on Facebook. And while that is definitely essential and a good start, not all of your customers are necessarily found on that particular platform. Try branching out to a few other major social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Pinterest to see if you can reach a few more customers.

In doing this, you’ll want to make sure you understand the differences between each of the social media platforms including their purposes and what is most effective on them. Instagram, for example, is a very image-heavy platform and is a good place to use influencer marketing. On the other hand, Twitter is almost completely written content, but it is more about interactions and less about simply posting an ad here and there.

Customer Service Interactions

Another way to reach your customers is through the ways you interact with your customers. While phone calls are a traditional form of communication and are still necessary in many instances, allowing your customers to reach out to you in other forms will help increase customer satisfaction. Add text customer service, email, and even messaging through social media as ways they can reach you. The more comfortable customers are with the form of communication, the more likely they are to actually reach out for help instead of leaving your business permanently.

This also goes for the way in which you present your advertisements. While email and print ads have been a huge part of marketing in the past, don’t underestimate the power of text marketing. People often respond better to text because it gives them the ability to interpret the information for themselves. On top of that, a text will be opened almost immediately, and the customer knows they can respond to it whenever they have time instead of feeling the pressure to do it now.

Types of Content

The other thing to consider is what type of content you are presenting to your customers. If they absorb information differently, than businesses need to provide different types of content. You probably already do a lot of pictures because that is the easiest, but you need to start considering adding video to your lineup. Yes, it takes a lot more effort, but the results will be that you reach more customers. Of course, businesses shouldn’t stick to producing videos without continuing to market with images. Businesses shouldn’t quit writing blog articles because of the video content. By offering all these different forms of content, you’ll be able to reach the majority of your audience in the method they are most comfortable.

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Top 5 Marketing Tools Used by Experts



The internet is a double edged sword. It gives you so much more opportunity to reach customers than you’ve ever had before. However, it also is so polluted with information, it can be hard to really reach your customers. Your business needs to push through all the chaos with these top 5 marketing tools that the experts use.

1. It’s all about your Audience

The marketing experts know that reaching your customers means knowing your audience inside and out. If you know your audience, you’ll know where they spend their time, what they read, what they watch, and what they like to do. All of this information gathered together can help you determine what advertisements you can send out and how it will best be perceived. If you aren’t sure what your audience likes or what they do, just observe your current customers to see what their common interests are. Then, you can start marketing towards the right group of people.

2. Focus on Mobile Optimization

Nearly every one of your customers (or their guardian) has a smartphone. It is one of the most powerful pieces of technology we have to reach out to customers. In fact, over 60 percent of searches now come from mobile devices. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, potential customers can be lost. If your site isn’t working for them, they will find another one that will and shop from them.

3. Text Marketing Works

Experts know that part of reaching your customers is being able to communicate with them in a way that is natural for them. So even if it is easier for your company to do phone calls, our society that is so focused on fast and easy communication really prefers texting. Use text marketing as much as possible to reach your customer base. And don’t just resort to sending a coupon through text every month or two. Actually use AI Chatbot to allow your customers to text you questions and get an immediate, automated response.

4. Get on Board with Social

Social Media is another essential form of communication with your customers. It drives businesses and produces immediate and effective results. If you are doing a social media campaign that isn’t giving you immediate results, change what you are doing. It is one of the most powerful forms of reaching current customers and building a new customer base.

If you aren’t sure where to start, get on board with traditional social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Build your business profile, and start interaction with people to build your base. As you begin to get more comfortable, your business can start branching out to sites like Snapchat and other newer social media sites that may not have as much of a following.

5. Analytics to Track Results

The experts in marketing not only track data but know and understand what it means. Analytics is the way your business will know whether or not a current marketing campaign is working and whether or not to keep doing it. Track where your leads are coming from and if referral programs are really working. Start by getting your company set up on analytics, and then start watching the numbers.

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Is AI Chat bot taking over customer service?



Whether we like it or not, mobile is the future of technology. Smartphones are nifty devices that allow people to communicate with anyone they want as well as have access to all the knowledge available to mankind. In fact, 77% of US adults currently own a smartphone, a number expected to rise. So it makes sense that businesses would start putting a bigger focus on mobile marketing and customer service. And AI Chat bot is expected to be a huge part of that. But why exactly is AI Chat bot taking over?

More efficient than humans

A human can only do so much. Give them enough training, and hopefully they will always know what to do or always remember the proper procedures. And of course, there will always be a need for human customer service representatives to handle unforeseeable circumstances. However, a computer has the ability to retain training and use algorithms to predict customer interactions as well as find the best solution. They will get the customer to the right place the first time. Without human error, customer service can run much more smoothly helping customer answer questions immediately.

Mobile communications increasing

The more customers interact with businesses through smartphones, the more a business is able to effectively utilize AI Chat bot. Whether it is through chat, texting, or even phone calls, AI Chat bot can be used to analyze the incoming information and respond to the customers. While the technology isn’t 100% there yet to give the best experience, AI has been improving very quickly. In 5 years time, it would be surprising if AI Chat bot wasn’t being used by every business to communicate with their customers through their smartphones. Not only will we have the technology available, but customers will likely prefer it.

What’s the problem?

The biggest problem with using AI Chat bot when communicating with customers is that many people are still worried about the safety of their information being put online. And it is a justified concern given all the companies that have admitted to losing private information in the last few years including the most recent at Game Stop. However, these concerns have put internet security under a spotlight encouraging more and more companies to go after it and focus on securing personal information. Even just in the last couple of years, online security has gotten significantly better. Recording and storing information has become easier and more secure than ever.

Another concern many businesses have is that a computer can’t ever produce the same results as a human who can engage with the customer to determine how best to proceed. The truth is, though, that most customer service representatives aren’t in tune with customers to be able to predict or engage with the customer as needed anyway. And if the good representative is having a bad day or personal problems, that can get in the way as well. A computer doesn’t have anything on its mind but the task at hand making it possibly to run algorithms to determine what the customer needs, their history with the company, and what the best outcomes could possibly be.

AI Chat bot may not be completely there yet, but in the next few years, we can expect to see a Chat bot take over in the customer service industry.

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Improving Customer Service through Customer Feedback Requests



Customer service should be an important focus of every business. The more that people enjoy their experience with a certain company, the more likely they are to return for more services or products and the more likely they are to recommend the company to others. It is important for businesses to recognize who their customers are and how they respond to services. It is also vital for businesses to prioritize their customer service so customers have good experiences and keep coming back.

Everyone is a Critic and Can Write a Review

A recent article in Entrepreneur makes a very astute point: in today’s world, everyone’s opinion and experience can be publicly stated and read. The digital world allows for a variety of online forums for people to discuss their insights, thoughts, and general opinions. And for businesses, that can be very good or very bad.

Anyone can become a critic and most everyone is. For example, customers can post reviews on Yelp, Facebook pages, and general social media. And those reviews are read. A previously-released Local Consumer Review Survey reported that more than fifty percent of survey respondents said that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business.

Listen to Your Customers

After you have earned the trust of people enough for them to buy or use your product, be sure to invite them to share any feedback. People want to feel that they are important and that their opinions matter. Feedback can be requested through an email or letter or through a survey link at the end of an online transaction. The more feedback you can get from customers, the more you can understand where your company can improve.

If a customer does have something negative to say, it would be much better if they could share that opinion with you and get an answer or help from the company, rather than for them to go straight to the online review forums. Imagine that a customer receives a service from your company and they are not satisfied. Upset and frustrated, they go online and write a one-star review of your service.

However, if after a customer buys a product or service, and your company requests immediate feedback, they are in a better position to improve the situation and opinion of the customer. The company can respond to the customer’s dissatisfaction and then work to rectify the situation and hopefully leave the customer with greater satisfaction. That customer now goes online and writes a five-star review for the company that worked hard to make sure they were a happy customer.

When companies ask for the feedback of their customers, they are in a stronger position to understand their customers, their needs, and how to assist them. In turn, customers can better trust the company and provide positive reviews and keep using the product or service. In turn, your company will grow because more people are willing to use your product or service.

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